Beeftro Steakhouse Dublin

As one of the best steakhouses in Dublin , Beeftro aim’s to bridge the gap between laid-back bistro dining and steakhouse meaty goodness. Beeftro has nudged its way in with a relaxed restaurant that prides itself on serving the best steak in Dublin.

The ‘1930s retro’ look is bright, clean and stylish, which steers well-clear of the usual macho steakhouse clichés. Beeftro prides itself on serving prime cuts of beef from stockman selected Irish Cattle sourced form the Scarlet Heifer Butchers. Our staff are friendly, efficient and well-versed in the intricacies of our steakhouse menu. All steaks are cooked to order, to deliver the best results and flavour.

Most people only know about the classic meat cuts when talking about steak. At Beeftro, we choose to do things differently by offering a selection of cuts that are as delicious and as tender as the traditional ones. As meat experts, we believe our job is also to make our customers discover new things every day. Our carefully designed and patented ovens create the perfect conditions to achieve incredible and instantly recognisable flavours and texture; the cooking at very high temperature allows for our steak to be crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

Because not all meat cuts taste the same, we have elaborated a secret ground beef recipe for our burgers. We only want top quality ingredients at Beeftro steakhouse and that’s the reason why all of our burgers are made with 100% muscle meat. No ground beef from trimmings at Beeftro. Beeftro can proudly boast one of the best burgers in Dublin as voted by Lovin Dublin

When sourcing top quality steak there are many critical points to consider. Race, age, sex and feed of the animal are all characteristics of the meat quality. The cooking method, time of cooking, resting time and quality of the knife used all make a huge impact on the steak eating experience. The Marbling of the meat depends on the race and on the feed of the animal. In contradiction with what most people believe, the more marbling a steak has, the more tender and the tastier it is.


Sourcing Our Beef for Beeftro Steakhouse Dublin


As meat traders, we know that the most difficult part of our job is to get consistency of quality. Thanks to our tight selection of farmers, we can ensure tasty and tender meat all year long. Contrary to popular belief there is no best meat in the world, as with wine the best meat is the one you prefer. People often refer to the Breed of Animals and that some Breeds lead to Better quality Beef. Our Butchers ‘The Scarlet Heifer” have a different philosophy. They believe that the Farmers and Farms are even more important factors in procuring the finest eating quality Beef. As Farmers Ourselves we have for years built relationships with Professional like-minded Farmers. What we consider to be important when selecting our partners are Farmers who;

  1. -Take care of the land
  2. -Breed the right animals
  3. -Produce animals to the correct weight specification
  4. -Produce animals for production at the correct age
  5. -Have a good animal husbandry

Our Master Stockman visits all the Farms to inspect the Animals prior to production. He oversees our Production and ensures all our Beef is produced to our Specification.

All our Beef is matured to ensure that the maximum flavour, taste and tenderness can be experienced .We do all this to ensure that our customers are served the best quality Beef possible at Beeftro Steakhouse Dublin.