1. The concept

Born from the combination of Beef & Bistro, Beeftro is the result of a deep desire to break with the « corporate » steakhouses’ image invading the catering market. The aim of our concept is to educate the customer by showing that it is not just about noble cuts. It is also within a warm & contemporary atmosphere.

If the menu offers a variation of the best Black Angus beef cuts from the US, it also proposes burgers, a multitude of starters & a Kobe street food selection offering small portions to share.

We did not create this paradise for only for those with a carnivorous appetite to eat a large steak, Beeftro is THE place to spend time, to share gourmet dishes with friends & family, or even for business meals. We aim to satisfy all appetites.

Our bistro atmosphere is expressed through a casual service, a raw industrial decoration with a retro touch and mismatched plates. Reflecting the concept of unpretentious modern luxury, we want to offer a new way of enjoying meat and high quality products without the constraints of gastronomic cuisine.

2. The menu

The Beeftro menu is divided into 4 main areas: Starters to share, Kobe Bar, Exclusive Beef cuts & burgers.

Among the starters, we count the kale salad, trilogy of Butcher’s mini Burgers, Black Angus tartare, tartare of veal with praline, Black angus Carpaccio… Kobe Bar revisits street food with a selection of well-known Japanese beef variations, barbajuans, tostadas, tacos & kebab. Our goal is to make this exceptional meat accessible to all. Envisioned as « dishes to share », they are ideal to mix and match with the different cocktails specially created for the Beeftro menu.

The cuts of meat are there to satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs with a choice of corn-fed American Black Angus cuts, accompanied by our incredible mash.

The burgers take a different direction compared to traditional offerings, mincing different meat origins to multiply the flavours. Chef Thierry Paludetto specially created the burger bun and associated Sauces to compliment the concept and create unique signature burgers.

3. The architecture

Thanks to the work of architects Humbert & Poyet’s architect, Beeftro reflects history and tells real story.

The balance between the marble tables, leather, parquet flooring, mosaic tilling, concrete & raw materials is carefully studied to experience luxury in a chic & casual place. With its soft contrasting lighting, Beeftro is a timeless place.

A few words about…

The Monaco based Humbert & Poyet agency, was voted among the 100 best architects in the world by AD design magazine.

Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet share a passion for creating spaces, representing the balance between traditional and modern, character and allurement. Their affinity is reflected in contemporary surfaces executed with the finest and most exclusive materials.